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PHOENIX – Broncos coach Vic Fangio got an early start to the NFL’s annual League Meeting this morning by doing interviews with Denver-area media.

“Voters Not Politicians” made Michigan one of five states in 2018 – Ohio, Colorado, Missouri and Utah the others – where voters reined in partisan gerrymandering.

Lately, a fashionable question for male 2020 presidential contenders requires them to pretend they've already won the Democratic nomination and they're now on the hunt for a running mate. Would they, as their vice presidential partner, choose a woman?

Officials say a mountain road near Aspen has been hit with avalanches, likely adding to the challenge of reopening it for the summer.

Police said Steve King was having lunch with other people Friday afternoon, when a Colorado man approached the table, confirmed King's identity and then threw water at him.

This week is expected to continue to bring warmer temperatures and rain showers to Denver, though some snow showers are also expected, according to the National Weather Service.

German Marquez yearns to be an ace. In fact, early in spring training he said that his ultimate goal is to win a Cy Young Award.

What’s the difference between the Rockies and the Dodgers in the National League West? One stinkin’ game, if you ask me.

Homeless camps persist in Denver, constantly moving around the city, while the debate continues swirling over whether they should be legal. Voters will make the decision in May, when Initiative 300, known as the “Right to Survive,” will be on the ballot.

Steven Montez could’ve gone through his progressions, taken one long look at the college football landscape, and told the Flatirons to eat his shorts. He could’ve hired an agent. Or a lawyer, the way Tate Martell did to force the issue.“I’ve never really understood the whole ‘transferring-before-you-even-got-out-on-the-field-yet,’” Montez, the Colorado Buffaloes quarterback, said of Martell, former Ohio State signal-caller who last week was granted immediate eligibility by the NCAA after transferring to Miami over the winter. “(Martell) didn’t even give Ohio State a chance, in my opinion. Now was he doing what was best for him? Absolutely. And I wish him the best in the upcoming season. But I just never really understood that.”

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